GREG BECKMAN   is our CFO, in charge of all financial aspects of the business as accountant and bookkeeper.  He has been in the medical field since 1982 and with our company since 1999.  He is very happily married to our CEO since 1973.  Greg enjoys camping, weight lifting,
skydiving, mountain climbing, stained glass creations and photography.

USA Medical Transcription, Inc.

WENDY SUNSER   is the Director of our Human Resources Department with our company since 2002.  She handles resumes, testing, hiring, contracts, and initial paperwork.  She is happily married and the mother of 3 children, 2 step-children & a grandson, ages 21, 13 , 8 , 7 , 5 & 1.  Wendy enjoys camping and exercising.

SUSAN BECKMAN   is our CEO and founder of the company, having been in the medical and legal fields since 1975 and actively involved in daily operations.  Married since 1973, she has 2 daughters, 4 grandchildren & 1 great-grandson.  Susan is involved in their local church, and enjoys reading, Bible studies, quilting, camping, and crafting.

SUSAN RAMSEY   is the Transcription Coordinator with our company since 2004.  She trains new hires and editors and edits and fills in as a transcriptionist when needed.  Married since 1991, she has 3 children, ages 15, 12 & 7.  Susan is actively involved in her local church and enjoys reading and needlework.

HOPE JORDAN   is our Transcription Supervisor, having been with our company since 2008.  She is responsible for all proofreading and editing of reports for our clients, as well as training our transciptionists, and fills in transcribing when needed.  Hope is married with two children and enjoys baking and stargazing.

BRITTNEY WATSON   is our Human Resources Supervisor and has been with our company since 2014.  She is responsible for employment applications, interviews, contracts and setting up new hires on our FTP site.  Brittney is also a Medical Assistant and attends nursing school.    She has a 1-year-old son and enjoys reading, cooking and exercising.